Dont Be Eye Candy, Be Soul Food

The world doesn’t push our women to be da amazing Queens u were created to be becuz STRENGTH & PURPOSE is harder to manipulate just like da world doesn’t want Black men to be strong husbands, fathers & leaders for every1 connected to dem. Be who u know u were created to be instead of like wat u see around u! Every1 has a dream of being in da top 1% or 15% instead of the almost 70% of da entire world dat’s struggling but u can’t be da rarity acting or living like da norm! Be amazing in a world full of average! Be outstanding in a society dat’s ok with just enuff! Don’t comprise ur morals just becuz ethics aren’t normal! Even though 75% of Black children are born into single family homes & over 60% of Black children live in poverty; dat has nuttin to do with da story ur writing for ur family thru ur actions! Ur story is still being written, so u can make da next chapter say anything u want! Be great in every area becuz dat’s exactly wat u were created to be! U have God in u, so dis world was created to submit to u! NOT U SUBMIT to da world.. LADIES WAKE UP !! U can’t walk around in bra & pant in wid little but nuttin covering it see thru & expect a King & to be treated like a Queen.. So where is da intimacy for ur King if da world seeing it?? It’s ok to dress sexy but where does it stop truly ??

By Vi Destiny aka Denise

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